Responding to a Pandemic

At Zenpack the health and safety of our employees, clients, and communities is our primary concern. We’ve adjusted our operations in response to changing events and are remaining flexible as COVID unfolds.

For our employees

Throughout the pandemic we have made a goal to retain all employees and have adjusted workflows to help our clients as much as possible, while at home. We have provided the best environments and tools we can, both digital and physical, while working at home. We are following California’s safety requirements and allowing our employees greater flexibility in returning to the office when shelter-in-place ends.

For our clients

We want to thank our clients for being so understanding as we adjust schedules and abilities during shelter-in-place. We are continuing to deliver high-quality design and production; these processes are taking more time with remote capabilities. Our approach is complete transparency in relaying any new information and its impacts to our clients.

For our communities

As a small manufacturing company we have leveraged our production capabilities to produce and distribute PPE equipment to our local businesses and restaurants. We want to help our communities stay safe if there is anything we might be able to help you with contact us

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